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Click 4 Action eRotary is regular Rotary but with a difference. We are Rotary for busy people in the 21st Century It is understood that all potential members are busy people, with work, business and family commitments, their involvement in Rotary should enrich these commitments. Instead of meeting face to face once a week or fortnightly for a meal and fellowship – we meet online 24/7.

Like all Rotarians, our members work together to achieve Service above Self online and offline depending on location and capacity.

As you will see our Coordinating Team for 2015/16 are all busy people who find this form of Rotary much more conducive to their needs and time capacity.

eRotary is for busy people with busy lives. eRotarians may have work which takes them away from home regularly or are carers for their children, the elderly or vulnerable adults. eRotarians often already volunteer with community groups or have favourite charities with which they are involved.

Contact us to find out more or to learn how you too could make a difference by becoming a Rotarian, at



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  1. Margaret Marquis says:

    I really like the new website, especially the introduction of ‘the team’. I have enjoyed reading about Caroline’s experiences in Kenya.

  2. Hamza says:

    I am new here and I was attracted by the importance you give to this event and I want to join your club and I would really appreciate that as this is being an important value for my futur plan and get enrolled with highly experienced group I look forward to hearing from you
    Best Regards.

    • Tim Mason says:

      I have emailed you some information about joining as a provisional member, our way of getting to know you and your way of finding out more about how we operate.

  3. Agustin says:

    I’m a former rotarian with little time to attend weekly meetings, so I would like to receive information about joining your e-club.
    best regards

  4. Hello
    Am a Rotarian in Moshi Rotary Club -Kilimanjaro Tanzania, district 9211.
    Am very interested with your e-club, we have similar challenge in our club to recruit new members most of the potential people that we approach to join our club refused due to time factor, could you please exchange your e-club experience with us.
    Regards with Rotary spirit, Rotary World Over.
    Folkward Mapunda-O8658389

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